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Non...Bruxelles n'est pas en Flandre !

Brüxsels ist niet in Flandres

Being busy writing my next essay, I hereby repost an article published in March 2011 which can prove useful for the visitors of the city I live in, Brussels.

In March 2011? the Flemish government had launched a new tourist-info website in which Brussels was included in the list of Flemish cities. However, Brussels is a federal region and is not part of Flanders (nor a part of Wallonia). Brussels is an urban region, officially bilingual French-Dutch, with French as lingua franca, and a duly protected minority of Dutch-speaking Brussels citizens, technically non-flemish (as they don't live in the Flemish region). English is also very often used in professional and public contacts. Brussels has a mixed cultural history, and flemish has long been the main (but not only) language used in the "capital of Europe". For example, around 1840, over a third of Brussel's citizens spoke French. So historically, Brussels is not a "Flemish" city. Neither is it a "French" city.  It has always had a mixed population, which is quite cool actually. And the fact that it is officially bilingual does not make Brusses a part of "Flanders". The Flemish-nationalist minister of tourism of Flanders fights for an independant Flanders with Brussels its capital. To make this acceptable for the international community, Flanders systematically includes Brussels in its communication. Do not let this false nationalistic concept invade your mind. So, if you visit this flemish touristic web site, please note that (and tell your friends and relatives, in any of the following languages) :

Chan eil Bhruisseil anns Flainders,chan eil Bhruisseil aon flaimingh baile-mor
Brussels is not in Flanders. 
Brussels is not a Flemish city.
Brussel ligt niet in Vlaanderen. Brussel is geen Vlaamse stad.
Brüssel liegt nicht in Flandern.
Brüssel ist keine flämische Stadt.
Bruxelles n'est pas en Flandre.
Bruxelles n'est pas une ville flamande.
οι Βρυξελλες δεν ειναι στην Φλανδρα,
οι Βρυξελλες δεν εινα Φλαμανδικη πολη!!!
Brusel n'eo ket e bro Flandrez.
Brusel n'eo ket eun kêr flamank.
Bruselo ne estas en Flandrio.Bruselo ne estas flandra urbo.
Bréissel as net a Flanderen.Bréissel as keng flammennesch Staadt.
Brusselnestukh vlonderen ?wapaïsdeh ghaïna ! Dagô nâ
niwozanzeikerh ! Endazûk nifloms,
zenneh. Jommo nagommenegangh ! 
Eh pélon, Brussal ca n'é nîn
en Fland', siss.

Eh choutez bîn : Brussal è co
moinnse one vil' flamînde.
Brussels 'oH ghobe' Daq Flanders. 
Brussel es zeiker ni in Vlôndere.
Brussel es ginne ville flamande. 
Bruselas no està en Flandes.
Bruselas no es una ciudad flamenca.
Brussèle n'est nin one ville.
do payis flamind. 
Briuselis néra Flandrijoje.Briuselis néra Flamingo miestas.
Bruxelles non è nelle Fiandre.
Bruxelles non è una città fiamminga.
بروكسل ليست في فلاندرز
. بروكسل ليستا دينة هولندية
בריסל היא לא באזור הפלמי
. בריסל היא לא עיר פלמית
Bruxelas não é em Flandres.
Bruxelas não é uma cidade flamenga.
Broossels is nut in Flunders.
Broossels is nut a Flemeesh ceety
börk börk börk (swedish chef) 
Brussèl ça ne sait pas être en Flandre
Brussèl ça n'est pas une fois
une ville flamande.
Οι Βρυξέλλες δεν είναι στη Φλάνδρα 
Bryssel är inte i Flandern.
Bryssel är inte flamländskspråkiga
Брюссель не во Фландрии.
Брюссель не является
фламандским городом
Bruksela to nie we Flandrii.
Bruksela nie jest flamandzki
Brüszelzk eszt nietzk in Vlanderska,
Brüszelzk eszt ginnska Vlamszkaya stadzsj
(Eih Benek, eih blavek). 
Bruxelles pa ena lor la Flandre.
Bruxelles pa éne lavil flamande.
Bryssel er ikke i Flandern.Bryssel er ikke en flamske by.
Брюксел не е във Фландрия. Брюксел не е
фламандски град.
Brussèle, çi n'è nin one ville flaminde
Bruxelles nije u Flandriji.
Bruxelles nije flamanski grad.
Brüksel Flandrada ve Flaman bir şehir değildir.
(French Eurocrat) : "Le quartier européen
n'est pas en Flandre" 
(Pardon pour les fautes d'orthographe et de grammaire. Niemand is perfekt. Many thanks to all the absolutely monolingual French-speaking readers who gave me additional languages — Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Letzebuergisch, Walloon, Scottish Gaelic, Breton, Syldavian, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Muppet-showish Swedich, Klingon, Jivaro, … ,  etc.)

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